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                   RMCATOS  -  Event  History  List - 2019

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January 28 Club Event "Randy Morris, Musician"
Holiday Hills Ballroom. 
Randy Morris, Theatre Organ
(click here to see "Club Events" page 116 for photos) 

February 11 Public Event Silent Film: "The Black Pirate"
Lakewood Cultural Center. 
Jim Calm, Theatre Organ
(click here to see "Public Events" page 40 for photos) 
(Poster 11)
(Poster 17)
March 11 Club Event "Ol' Blue Eyes"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  
Jim Calm, DeLoy Goeglein Theatre Organ
(click here to see "Club Events" page 117 for photos) 

April 28 Club Event "Request Rendezvous Redux"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  
Randy Morris, DeLoy Goeglein, Jim Calm, Theatre Organ and Grand Piano
(click here to see "Club Events" page 118 for photos) 

May 19 Club Event "MAY be Dancing"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  
Bev Bucci, Grand Piano; Jim Calm, Theatre Organ; Randy Morris, Theatre Organ; Lee Shaw, Percussion
(click here to see "Club Events" page 119 for photos) 
June 23 Club Event "Kwinns & Kevin"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  
Bill Kwinn, Kathy Kwinn, Kevin Utter: Theatre Organ & Vocal
(click here to see "Club Events" page 120 for photos) 
July 21 Club Event "Rev Bob is Back"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  
Bob Flinn, Theatre Organ
(click here to see "Club Events" page 121 for photos) 
August 18 Club Event "Dixie & Diapasons"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  
Banjorama Band: Lee Traster, Grand Piano; Dennis Condreay, Banjo; Dave Marshall, Banjo; Ron "Snake" Moermond, Banjo; Jim Calm, Tuba, Theatre Organ, Piccolo trumpet
(click here to see "Club Events" page 122 for photos) 
September 15 Club Event "September with Traster"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  
Lee Traster, Theatre Organ; Don Hermosillo, vocals.
(click here to see "Club Events" page 123 for photos) 
October 13 Public Event "Memorial Service for Bob Castle"
Denver Paramount Theatre.  
Bob Castle, 1930 Paramount Wurlitzer, Uniflex recordings.  Bob was house organist for the Denver Paramount Theatre from 1947 to 2019.  
October 27 Public Event Silent Film: "The Cat and the Canary"
Lakewood Cultural center. 
Chris Elliott, Theatre Organ.
(click here to see "Public Events" page 41 for photos) 
(Poster 11)
(Poster 17)
November 17 Club Event "Got Gospel?"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  
Jim Calm, DeLoy Goeglein, Randy Morris: Theare Organ and Grand Piano.
(click here to see "Club Events" page 124 for photos) 
December 8 Club Event "Christmas Tea Pot Luck"
Holiday Hills Ballroom. 
Jim Calm, Lee Traster: Theatre Organ and Grand Piano.  


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