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                   RMCATOS  -  Event  History  List - 2018

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January 28 Club Event "Bing Crosby Celebration"
Holiday Hills Ballroom. 
Docce Borndt, vocals; Jim calm, Bob Castle, DeLoy Goeglein & Lee Traster, theatre organ; John Mumford, 5-string banjo, ukulele & Fender steel guitar.
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February 11 Public Event "Two Musicians: Marvelous Mixtures"
Lakewood Cultural Center. 
Jim calm & Kevin Utter: Theatre Organ, Grand Piano, Theremin
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(Poster 11)
(Poster 17)
March 11 Club Event "Flatirons Saxophone Quartet"
Holiday Hills Ballroom. 
Tim Hughes, Rex Vedder, Tom Henderson and Gary Hurst, Saxophones; Jim Calm, Theatre Organ.
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April 15 Club Event "Bob Flinn's Back in Town"
Holiday Hills Ballroom. 
Bob Flinn, Theatre Organ; Randy Morris, Grand Piano.
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May 20 Club Event "Silents Please!"
Holiday Hills Ballroom. 
Dave Weesner, Jim Calm, Silent film Theatre Organ Accompaniment; Bob Castle, Intermission Theatre Organ. 
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June 10 Club Event "Teamster on the Tibias!"
Holiday Hills Ballroom. 
Doug thompson, Theatre Organ; Bob Castle, Grand Piano 
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July 29 Public Event "Footloose III"
Lakewood Cultural Center. 
Dave Wickerham, Theatre Organ; Assorted feet. 
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(Poster 11)
(Poster 17)
August 12 Club Event "Free Day at the Paramount"
Denver Paramount Theatre. 
Jim Calm; Bob Castle; Ben Ehrlich; DeLoy Goeglein; Bill Kwinn; Barbara, Gabriel & Ken Mervine; Doug Thompson; Kevin Utter; Others. Theatre Organ, Voice, Trumpet. 
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September 23 Club Event "DeLoy's Generations Trio"
Holliday Hills Ballroom.  Marian Finch, band leader, bassist & vocals; Dino Cuneo, drums & sings; DeLoy Goeglein, piano & theatre organ.
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October 28 Public Event Silent Film "Hunchback of Notre Dame"
Lakewood Cultural Center. 
Lance Luce: Theatre Organ.
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November 18 Club Event "Mile High Banjo Society"
Holiday Hills Ballroom. Molly Kaufmann, piano; Decker Westerberg, washboard and National steel guitar; John Mumford, lead banjo; Donna Smith, banjo; Ron "Snake" Moermond, banjo; Jim Calm, tuba & theatre organ.
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December 2 Club Event "Christmas Tea"
Holiday Hills Ballroom. Jim Calm, DeLoy Goeglein, Theatre Organ
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