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RMCATOS  -  Event  History  List - 2016

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January 31 Club Event "Songs of Love"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  Bob Castle at GW4Q.
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February 21
Club Event "Request Rendezvous III"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.   Bev Bucci and Randy Morris.  Theatre organ and grand piano.
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March 13
Club Event "Kevin Leaps into Spring"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.   Kevin Utter, Harry Ferguson & Bingo.  Theatre organ, grand piano, soprano saxophone and rests.
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April 23
Public Event "Doors Open Denver 2016"
Denver Paramount Theatre.  Bob Castle, Jim Calm and Doug Thompson provide live, non-stop Mighty Wurlitzer music for 4 hours.  Wes Ranstrom demos "How a Pipe Organ Works". Tim Cissel and Lee Shaw lead theatre tours.
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May 15
Club Event "Please Sir, I Want Some Morris!
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  Randy Morris.  Theatre organ and grand piano.
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May 22 FROOG Event Bruce & Kitty Spangler GW4 4/33 Allen
Spangler Residence.  Bob Castle & Jim Calm
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June 26 Club Event "Rollicking Sing-Along"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  Bev Bucci, Jim Calm and Cast of Thousands
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July 24 Club Event "Keep Calm and Tour On!"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  Jim Calm with impromptu
    Bob Castle, DeLoy Goeglein & Lee Traster
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August 14 Club Event "Wonderful Wurlitzer"
Denver Paramount.  Jim Calm, Bob Castle, Ben Ehrlich, DeLoy Goeglein, Kenny Orr, Doug Thompson, Kevin Utter (and Bingo).
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September 25 Club Event "DeLoy Does DeMusic ... Again"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  DeLoy Goeglein, Mariann Finch, Dino Cumeo (Generations Jazz Trio).
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October 22 FROOG Event Bill & Marilyn Decker-Various Instruments Decker Residence.  Doug Thompson, Kevin Utter, DeLoy Goeglein & Jim Calm.
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October 23 Club Event "Kenny Orr & Friends"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  Kenny Orr, Jim Calm, Nancy Orr, Piano-Teacher-in-a-Box Jerry Lange.
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November 20 Club Event "Mile High Banjo Society"
Holiday Hills Ballroom. Molly Kaufmann, piano; Decker Westerberg, washboard and National steel guitar; John Mumford, lead banjo; Donna Smith, banjo; Ron "Snake" Moermond, banjo; Jim Calm, tuba & theatre organ.
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December 4 Club Event "Christmas Pot Luck"
Holiday Hills Ballroom. Jim Calm, Bob Castle,  DeLoy Goeglein, Lee Traster & the Impromptu Carol Choir: Theatre organ,  grand piano, vocal.
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