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RMCATOS  -  Event  History  List - 2015

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January 25 Public Event "Pipes & stripes IX"
Denver Paramount Theatre.   Bob Castle, Jim Calm and Randy Morris at the twin consoles of the Mighty Wurlitzer along with the Rocky Mountain Brassworks & 101st Army Band Wind Ensemble.  Color Guard provided by the Flatirons Young Marines Corps.
(click here to see "Public Events" page 28 for photos)  

            13 & 15
Public Event Brett Valliant at St. Andrew
St. Andrew Methodist Church.   Friday the 13th, Brett Valliant accompanies "Phantom of the Opera" silent film at a pizza dinner.  Sunday the 15th, Brett gives a classical/theatre concert in the sanctuary.
March 15
Club Event "Atelier the Hun"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.   Dave Niemann from Niemann Music in Cheyenne, Wyoming, plays the Platinum model of the Roland Atelier.
(click here to see "Club Events" page 79 for photos)
April 25 & 26 Public Event "Doors Open Denver 2015"
Denver Paramount Theatre.  Bob Castle, Jim Calm, Bob Flinn, DeLoy Goeglein, Doug Thompson and Kevin Utter provide live, non-stop Mighty Wurlitzer music for 10 hours.  Wes Ranstrom demos "How a Pipe Organ Works" and Jim Wagoner takes command of the Projection Booth.
(click here to see "Public Events" page 29 for photos)  

May 17
Club Event "Highly Ranked Amateur"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.   Dave Weesner from Colorado Springs plays the GW4Q.
(click here to see "Club Events" page 80 for photos)
June 14
Club Event "The Thompson Flair"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.   Doug Thompson from Windsor, Colorado plays the GW4Q.
(click here to see "Club Events" page 81 for photos)
July 12
Club Event "Musical Magic"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.   Kitty & Bruce Spangler provided the magic, Jim Calm, Bob Castle and DeLoy Goeglein provided the organ interludes and magic background music.
(click here to see "Club Events" page 82 for photos)
August 16
Club Event "Wonderful Wurlitzer"
(Our members-only day at the Paramount)

Denver Paramount Theatre.   Organists: Jim Calm, Bob Castle, Eva Cavaillé-Coll, Ben Ehrlich, Ingrid Gardner, DeLoy Goeglein, Kenny Orr, Doug Thompson
(click here to see "Club Events" page 83 for photos)
September 20
Club Event "Mile High Banjo Society"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  Molly Kaufmann, piano; Decker Westerberg, washboard and National steel guitar; John Mumford, lead banjo; Donna Smith, banjo; Ron "Snake" Moermond, banjo; Jim Calm, tuba & theatre organ.
(click here to see "Club Events" page 84 for photos)
October 25
Club Event "Got Gospel"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  Bev Bucci, organ, piano & trombone; Jerry Bucci, bass guitar; Debbie Cornella, piano; Betty Metz, trombone; Randy Morris, organ & piano; Lee Shaw, drums.
(click here to see "Club Events" page 85 for photos)
November 22
Club Event "Request Rendezvous"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  Jim Calm, Bob Castle, Bob Flinn, DeLoy Goeglein, Lee Traster.  Theatre organ and grand piano.
(click here to see "Club Events" page 86 for photos)
December 6
Club Event "Christmas Pot Luck Social"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  Jim Calm, Bob Castle,  DeLoy Goeglein, Lee Traster.  Theatre organ and grand piano.
(click here to see "Club Events" page 87 for photos)
December 20
Special Event "Christmas Sunday @ Paramount"
(with the Flatirons Community Church)

Denver Paramount Theatre.   Organist: Jim Calm
with the Flatirons Church Praise Band Singers
(click here to see "Special Events" page 3 for photos)

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