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RMCATOS  -  Event  History  List - 2014

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January 16 Special Event Anthem Blue Cross Reception
Denver Paramount Theatre.  Jim Calm
(click here to see "Special Events" page 1 for photos)  
January 26 Club Social "DeLoy DeMusician"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  DeLoy Goeglein & DeLoy's Choir
(click here to see "Club Events" page 70 for photos)  


February 9 Public Event "Pipes & stripes VIII"
Denver Paramount Theatre.   Bob Castle and Jim Calm at the twin consoles of the Mighty Wurlitzer along with the 101st Army Concert Band and Dixieland Band.  Color Guard provided by the Flatirons Young Marines Corps.
(click here to see "Public Events" page 25 for photos)  

March 9 Club Social "Young & Talented"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  Cherry Creek Youth Orchestra, directed by Douglas Macomber.
(click here to see "Club Events" page 71 for photos)  
March 27 Special Event "HBO Game of Thrones Sneak Preview"
Denver Paramount Theatre.   Jim Calm, Christine Calm Meyers, Rob Meyers.
(click here to see "Special Events" page 02 for photos)  

April 12 & 13 Public Event "Doors Open Denver 2014"
Denver Paramount Theatre.  Bob Castle, Jim Calm, Bob Flinn, DeLoy Goeglein, Doug Thompson and Kevin Utter provide live, non-stop Mighty Wurlitzer music for 10 hours.  Wes Ranstrom demos "How a Pipe Organ Works" and Jim Wagoner takes command of the Projection Booth.
(click here to see "Public Events" page 26 for photos)  

May 17 FROOG Event Duane Searle 3/15 Wurlitzer
Duane Searle Residence.  Doug Thompson plus open console.
(click here to see "FROOG Events" page 1 for photos)  
May 18 Public Event "A Fun Musical Afternoon in May"
Arvada Presbyterian Church.  Bev Bucci & Randy Morris, organ and piano.
(click here to see "Public Events" page 27 for photos)  
June 29 Club Social "Utterly Kevin"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  Kevin Utter, organ & Theremin; Harry Ferguson, saxophone; Jim Calm, Theremin.  Featuring world's first Theremin duet!
(click here to see "Club Events" page 72 for photos)  
July 20 Club Social "Lee Traster & Friends"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  Lee Traster, organ, piano, digital keyboard; Tom Grings, accordion; Roger Topliff, clarinet; Don Hermosillo, vocals.
(click here to see "Club Events" page 73 for photos)  
August 17 Club Social "Wonderful Wurlitzer"
Denver Paramount Theatre.  Our "free day at the Paramount" thanks to Kroenke Sports. RMCATOS and AGO Wurlitzer artists: Kent Bates, Bev Bucci, Jim Calm, Bob Castle, Devon Howard, Ken and Barbara Mervine, Kenny Orr, Doug Thompson. 
(click here to see "Club Events" page 74 for photos)  

September 21 Club Social "And Now .. More Morris!"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  Randy Morris, organ and piano.
(click here to see "Club Events" page 75 for photos)  
October 12 Club Social "Keep Calm & Stride On"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  Jim Calm, organ, piano, tuba, banjo, pocket trumpet, nose flute, vocals.
(click here to see "Club Events" page 76 for photos)  
November 16 Club Social "Bob Castle & Another Friend"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  Bob Castle, organ, featuring the musical styles of Lyn Larsen.
(click here to see "Club Events" page 77 for photos)  
December 17 Club Social "Christmas Potluck"
Holiday Hills Ballroom. Lee Traster. Theatre Organ and Grand Piano - Music for dining.  DeLoy Goeglein & Bob Casle, Theatre Organ and Grand Piano - sing-a-long.
(click here to see "Club Events" page 78 for photos)  

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