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RMCATOS  -  Event  History  List - 2013

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January 13 Club Social "Dueling Organs"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  Jim Calm, DeLoy Goeglein, Bob Castle, Bob Flinn
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February 17 Public Event "Pipes & stripes VII"
Denver Paramount Theatre.  101st Army Dixieland Band and the Rocky Mountain Brassworks Band with Bob Castle and Jim Calm at the console of the Mighty Wurlitzer.
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March 17 Club Social "Oh Boy, it's O'Flinn"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  Bob Flinn on the theatre organ  and grand piano .... others join in and jam on a random basis.
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(Play List)
April 13 & 14 Public Event "Doors Open Denver 2013"
Denver Paramount Theatre.  Bob Castle, Jim Calm, Bob Flinn, DeLoy Goeglein, Doug Thompson and Kevin Utter provide live, non-stop Mighty Wurlitzer music for 10 hours.  Wes Ranstrom demos "How a Pipe Organ Works" and Jim Wagoner takes command of the Projection Booth.
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May 19 Public Event "A Fun Musical Afternoon in May"
Arvada Presbyterian Church.  Jim Calm & Helene McGuire, organ and piano.
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July 14 Club Social "Bob Castle & Friends"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  Bob Castle.  The friends
were virtual.
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August 11 Club Social "Wonderful Wurlitzer"
Denver Paramount Theatre.  Mike Bryant, Bryan Dunnewald, Ben Ehrlich, Bob Flinn & Kevin Utter, Ingrid Gardner, Ken & Barbara & Gabriel Mervine.
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September 22 Club Social "Keep Calm & Carry a Tune"
Holiday Hills Ballroom Jim Calm on the theatre organ, traveling organ, grand piano, baritone, nose flute & vocal
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October 20 Club Social "Music, Music, Music"
Holiday Hills Ballroom Jim Calm, accompaniment, theatre organ & grand piano; Daniel Herman, piano; Douglas Macomber, theatre organ; Kenny Orr, theatre organ & violin; Bob Stadtherr, wind synthesizer (as trombone, clarinet & violin)
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November 3 Club Social "Got Gospel?"
Holiday Hills Ballroom Bev Bucci, theatre organ & Piano; Jerry Glass, vocal; Marlys Harp, piano; Jubilation Men's Quartet, vocal; Randy Morris, theatre organ & piano & vocal
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December 8 Club Social Christmas Pot Luck
Holiday Hills Ballroom
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