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RMCATOS  -  Event  History  List - 2012

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January 15 Club Social "Kevin, Doc Fergy & Friends"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  Kevin Utter, theatre organ; Harry Ferguson Saxophones; Bob Castle, theatre organ.
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February 12 Public Event "Pipes & stripes VI"
Denver Paramount Theatre.  101st Army Band and ensembles with Bob Castle and Jim Calm at the twin consoles of the Mighty Wurlitzer.
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March 11 Club Social "Request Rendezvous"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  Bev Bucci, Jim Calm, Bob Castle, Bob Flinn, Lee Traster.  (All played theatre organ and piano.)
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March 15 Public Event "Doors Open Denver Fund Raiser"
Denver Paramount Theatre.  Jim Calm.
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April 14 & 15 Public Event "Doors Open Denver"
Denver Paramount Theatre.  Jim Calm. Bob Castle, Bob Flinn, DeLoy Goeglein, Doug Thompson, Kevin Utter ... Wes Ranstrom, Jim Wagoner
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May 6 Club Social "Doug Plays it Wright"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  Doug Thompson (2010 National ATOS Amateur Organist of the year)
and Bob Castle at the grand piano
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June 10 Club Social "Listening to the Lowrey"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  Dan Reid (Schmitt Music)
and others at the Lowrey Prestige with Bob Castle at the GW4Q
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July 8 Club Social "July JAMboree"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  Jim Calm, Bob Castle, Maggie Howe, Jenn Hronkin, Brendan Murphy, Paul Schafer, Lee Shaw, Biff Warren
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August 12 Club Social "Sunday Surprise"
Denver Paramount Theatre.
For RMCATOS and AGO members only.
 Bryan Dunnewald, Ingrid Gardner, DeLoy Goeglein,  Ken Mervine, Frank Perko III, Joel TrekellJ
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September 16 Club Social "Keep Calm & Carry On"
Holiday Hills Ballroom. Jim Calm, Christine Calm Meyers, Rob Myers, Jan & Tracy, DeLoy Goeglein
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October 14 Club Social "Dancing Without the Stars"
Holiday Hills Ballroom. Bev Bucci, Lee Traster, Don Rea, Jerry Bucci, Roger Topliff
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November 11 Club Social "Hymns & Hits"
Holiday Hills Ballroom. Bev Bucci & Bob Flinn.
Organ and Grand Piano duets.
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December 2 Club Social "Christmas Pot Luck"
Holiday Hills Ballroom. Janice Blakney, Bev Bucci, Jim calm, Hal Gloystein, DeLoy Goeglein, Rick Knoll, Bruce & Kitty Spangler, Nancy Steuart,
Lee Traster.
Theatre Organ and Grand Piano - Music for dining and sing-a-long.
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