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RMCATOS  -  Event  History  List - 2010

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January 17 Public Event "Pipes & Stripes IV"
Denver Paramount Theatre.  The twin consoles of the Denver Paramount's Mighty Wurlitzer and the 101st Army Band.  Bob Castle & Jim Calm
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February 7 Club Social "Never On Sunday"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  Joint meeting of The American Guild of Organists (AGO) and RMCATOS.  Bryan Dunnewald, DeLoy Goeglein, Bob Castle, Ken & Barbara Mervine, Frank Perko.
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March 7 Public Event "Wurlitzer & Wiz Kids"
Denver Paramount Theatre.  Martin Ellis at the Mighty Wurlitzer with the Colorado Children's Chorale under the direction of artistic Director Debbie DeSantis.
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April 18 Public Event "Doors Open Denver"
Denver Paramount Theatre.  Seven hours of non-stop Mighty Wurlitzer music provided by Bob Castle, Doug Thompson, Jim Calm and DeLoy Goeglein.  "How a pipe organ works" demos by Jud Murphy.  Theatre tours. 
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May 16 Club Social "DeLoy DeLights"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  DeLoy Goeglein and Helene McGuire.  Theatre organ, piano and theatre organ and piano. 
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June 6 Club Social "Northern Exposure"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  All performers from northern Colorado:  Harry Ferguson - Saxophone & Grand Piano; Phyllis Ferguson - Theatre Organ; Doug Thompson - Theatre Organ; Kevin Utter - Theatre Organ. 
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July 11 Club Social "July JAMboree"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  A jam session including Jim Calm - Theatre Organ, Theremin & Pocket Trumpet; Bob Castle - Theatre Organ & Piano; Richard Clark - Hammer Dulcimer;  Paul Schafer - Bagpipes & Trumpet; Lee Shaw - Vuvuzela & Snare Drum; Bob Stadtherr - Wind Synthesizer.
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August 8 Club Social "John Ledwon @ the Paramount"
Denver Paramount Theatre.  Our members-only "free day" at the Denver Paramount featuring John Ledwon, theatre organist at Disney's El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood.
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September 19 Club Social "Truck Stops & Tab Stops"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  Produced by Janice Blakney, a musical photo visit and history lesson for four famous movie theatres plus historical and modern silent film clips.  Theatre organists:  Bob Castle, Jim Calm, Kevin Utter, Doug Thompson.
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October 3 Club Social "Fantasy Destinations"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  Music to remind one of places visited .. in reality or just in the mind. Lee Traster - Theatre Organ & Grand Piano; Don Rea -- Percussion; Tom Allen -- Accordion  & Guitar;  Jim Calm -- Tuba;  Don Hermosillo -- vocals.
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November 4 Club Social "Got Gospel?"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  Sacred, Classical & Contemporary music.  All musicians in the first half were under the age of 18; All musicians in the second half were (significantly) over the age of 18....  Abe Lamontagne, organ; Bobby Haynes, Organ; Angie Fitzsimmons, organ; William Thrussell, Piano.  Bev Bucci, organ; Jim Calm, organ; Suzanne McClung, vocal; Duet by DeLoy Goeglein (organ) & Helene McGuire (piano).
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December 5 Club Social "Christmas Potluck"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  
Theatre Organ: Bob Castle, DeLoy Goeglein, Gary Miller, Lee Traster.  Grand piano: Adafern Duke, Hal Gloystein, Nancy Steuart.
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