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RMCATOS  -  Event  History  List - 2009

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January 20 Club Social  "Everyone's A Musician"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  Annual club talent show
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February 15 Public Event "Pipes & Stripes III"
Denver Paramount Theatre.  The twin consoles of the Denver Paramount's Mighty Wurlitzer and the 101st Army Band.
Ken Double, Bob Castle, Jim Calm

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March 8 Club Social "Dancing Without the Stars"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  Dancing music provided by Bev Bucci, Lee Traster, Don Rea, Roger Topliff, Jerry Bucci & Jim Calm.  Dance floor provided.
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April 19 Public Event Doors Open Denver
Denver Paramount Theatre.  Seven hours of non-stop Mighty Wurlitzer music provided by Bob Castle, Doug Thompson, Jim Calm and DeLoy Goeglein.  "How a pipe organ works" demos by Jud Murphy.  Theatre tours. 
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May 16, 17, 18 Public Event "Theatre Organ Spectacular"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  Jelani Eddington  ...  Workshop and two concerts at Holiday Hills. 
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June 7 Club Social "Jammin' in June"
Holiday Hills Ballroom. 
Jim Calm, Lance Christensen, Dick Kroeckel
A fun musical "experience"
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July 12 Club Social "Adventure on the High C's"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  Uncorked Players ...  Original "epic" cruise ship musical
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August 9 Club Social "Triumvirate on the Tibias"
Denver Paramount Theatre.  Our "free" day at the Paramount for members only.  Doug Thompson, DeLoy Goeglein, Bob Castle and open console time.
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September 13 Club Social "Cabaret Day"
Holiday Hills Ballroom. Cabaret music featuring Lee Traster, Bev Bucci, Don Rea, Roger Topliff, Jerry Bucci, Jim Calm & vocalist Don Hermasillo.
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October 25 Club Social "Silents Please"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  
Jim Calm & Bob Castle accompany silent films
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November 22 Club Social "Got Gospel ?"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  
Ed Wagner & Bev Bucci, theatre organ & piano
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December 6 Club Social "Christmas Potluck"
Holiday Hills Ballroom.  
Bill Jacques, Roger Topliff, Jenny Karel: Jazz Trio Bob Castle: Theatre Organ
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